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How do birds fly? Part 1

The plumage and streamlined bodies of birds play a key role in flying.

How can we group chemical reactions?

The experiments in this lesson will introduce you to the various types of chemical reactions.

How do birds fly? Part 2

Let's examine the anatomy of birds and their vital processes from the point of view of flying.

Where exactly?

Learn how to specify a location in a playful manner!

Space adventurers: Space travel

In this lesson you will learn about the presence of humans in space in the past, present and future.

The Cartesian and the polar coordinate system

Practise how to define a specific location using coordinate systems.

How do animals see?

This lesson presents the vision and the evolution of eyes of animals.

Pitch and frequency, Part I

Experience the relationship between pitch and frequency through measurements.

How are rocks made?

You can follow the process of the formation of rocks.

How did humans conquer the air?

This lesson presents the most important milestones in the history of aviation.

Let's measure time!

This lesson presents timekeeping devices and the types and units of time measurement.

How's the weather?

Learn about the concepts of wind and precipitation.

The pharaohs of Ancient Egypt

The ancient Egyptian empire was led by pharaohs, considered sons of the Sun god.

How to become an earthworm farmer

A lesson about the most important characteristics of the common earthworm.

Which devices use infrared light?

You can learn about the use of infrared radiation in our everyday lives.

What is infrared radiation?

In this lesson you can learn about infrared radiation.

How can wind energy be used?

This lesson presents how wind energy can be utilised.

Are there purple cows?

Cattle is a large, domesticated vertebrate. Let's learn more about it.

The industrial revolution and its consequences

The lesson makes a thorough presentation of the period of the Industrial Revolution and of its social and economic implications.

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