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mozaExpansion - new Mozaik partner schools in Bulgaria

20 Nisan 2017Maxim Chigrin

There is a good proverb: “Knowledge is boundless, human capacity, limited.” Even if it is a popular wisdom, we, at Mozaik Education, bend over backwards trying to argue the point. We strongly believe there are no limits, whether it is a personal life or educational approach. Every day a new task is set: how to make the education process more attractive and effective both for teachers and students. As our various products are constantly being improved and developed, it assures us that we are on the right track.

The recent events which our Bulgarian partner, Keisem, shared with us are another good example of successful integration of how Mozaik products can be implemented worldwide.

This April, a new Mathematical Laboratory at №125 secondary school in Sofia opened the doors to students allowing them to use the latest computer technologies. The institution is currently one of the best in the country, always striving to fortify its positions by drawing attention to the recent trends in education technology. We are extremely proud to have assisted them in such a complicated mission. During a demo lesson, students showed their best solving numerous logical tasks and drawing geometrical figures on the interactive board with the mozaBook software. The interactive board provides a unique opportunity to present educational content, grabbing the attention of students by turning all given information into an intriguing journey.

The event was marked by a famous guest who attended the class and made an outstanding contribution: renowned mathematician, Veselin Drenski, director of the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Petar Kenderov, Chairman of the Board of the Union of Mathematicians in Bulgaria, and many others.

Also, 14 interactive classrooms were opened up in Ivan Vazov University in Pleven. Ms. Diana Yoncheva deserves an honourable mention as well;  she taught students to love and respect the heritage of ancient scholars like Thales, Aristotle and Pythagoras. And again, mozaBook was just a few clicks away to make all dreams come true. As explained by students of the Ivan Vazov University, "Audio and video files contribute to raising interest in the learning process by breaking the standard training program."

If you would like to have an experience similar to that of Sofia №125 secondary school and Pleven teachers you may download the free mozaBook software from here or email us at

You can also watch the video by clicking the link.


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