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Baghdad School at the forefront of digital education

15 Mayıs 2017Olga Pushkina

Mozaik Education and Mozaik’s official distributor in Iraq, Al-Nabaa are happy to announce a brand new pilot project in Baghdad, Iraq. The project was launched this March in cooperation with Baghdad High School College. The main goal of the project was to introduce our most state-of-the-art digital education technology, also known as the mozaLearn system, to the country. It was a fun project to work on and we certainly hope that all teachers and students involved enjoy mozaBook as much as we do.

The project had several stages. During the first stage, twenty teachers received mozaBook training and learned to enrich textbooks with 3Ds, videos and exercises. All the teachers were very excited and actively participated in the training, asking questions, taking notes and practicing on their own devices. During the second stage of the project, teachers enriched local Iraqi textbooks with help of Nawfal Nadnan Ahmed from Al-Nabaa and Péter Török from Mozaik Education. All in all, 21 textbooks were enriched. The third stage was the introduction of mozaWeb Premium for students, who were provided mozaWeb Premium subscriptions so they could receive homework from their teachers, open electronic books from home, and participate in interactive classwork. 

A large-scale event was held on 6th March, 2017 to celebrate the start of the project. It was attended by many notable people, such as the Vice Minister of Education, Mr. Ibrahim Abd Wali; Baghdad Governor, Dr. Ryadh Al-Adhadh; the General Manager of 1st Rusafa Education District, Dr. Falah Al-Qaysi; Dr. Hasanien Muaalah, General Manager of affairs at the Ministry; Mr. Zahid, General Manager of 1st Karkh Education District; and the Dean Of Ibn Al-Haitham Education College, Dr. Fahad Al-Gburi. 

After receiving certificates and letters of appreciation and excellence, teachers performed presentations on different subjects using mozaBook. During these presentations, they demonstrated the usage of electronic textbooks enriched with Mozaik’s content, 3Ds, educational tools, and educational videos. One of the students even gave a presentation on the benefits of using mozaBook on tablets in the classroom.  

The project received positive media attention in Iraq. Some of the presentations as well as interviews with officials and teachers can be viewed in this news report, and many more photos can be found on our facebook page. 

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