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mozaExpansion--National mozaBook school convention in Bulgaria

25 Mayıs 2017Maxim Chigrin

Here at Mozaik Education we are committed to the principle that “Knowing that you do not know much is knowing a lot.” Even after more than 20 years of hard work in the industry, we are not satisfied with what has already been achieved. Otherwise it feels like trying to tame a wild cat: you think you are making progress, then it gets away from you. Every day we begin our work like there is no tomorrow, pondering on how school education can be improved today. Only by putting ourselves in students' shoes can we reach our goals ,which is why Mozaik is extremely pleased to see more and more schools join with our partners .

Our Bulgarian partner, Keisem, puts a lot of effort into expanding the number of local schools using our mozaBook platform on a daily basis. We are really happy to see Mozaik solutions have caught on in Bulgaria and will do our best in their further support and development.

For instance, the first regional conference for sharing the best practices in the development of interactive content, using the educational platform mozaBook, was held in Haskova on 21st and 22nd of April. One of city’s hotel welcomed the representatives of 14 schools from Kazanlak, Stara Zagora, Pleven, Plovdiv, Pazardzhik, Lovech, Radnevo, Galabovo, Krumovgrad and Haskovo, who had the opportunity to demonstrate how mozaBook changed their way of teaching. Such burning issues as the advantages of the interactive learning and what resources and techniques of mozaBook are usually applied in the classroom were covered during the assembly.

Each lecturer stepped onstage with a 15-minute presentation, depicting how the lesson can be created and spiced up with the help of the mozaBook toolkit. The subjects were extremely diverse: mathematics, biology, health education, languages, history, as well as specialized subjects such as internal combustion engines and economics.

All attendees were strongly convinced that such an up-to-date approach of education is the next step not only to engage students, but also to affect their final results.The feedback from the teachers was extremely positive. The participants made sure that mozaBook is a platform with unlimited possibilities.

If you share the same enthusiasm as Bulgarian teachers do, download the free mozaBook demo here, or contact us at



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