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mozaBook for foreign language teaching and learning

28 Ağustos 2017Bálint Mátyás

When talking about the greatest strengths of our educational presentation software mozaBook, traditionally, science subjects such as chemistry, physics, or biology come to mind - and rightfully so. It is easy to get amazed by the visual content in the media library, since the vivid pictures, 3D scenes and the vast collection of educational videos all help the teacher to illustrate their point or a certain topic creatively, without spending endless hours preparing for the lesson.

However, with some thoughts based on my personal teaching experience, I would like to give you a few tips and emphasize how useful and exciting mozaBook can be in the field of second language teaching and learning.

Every teacher tries to pass their knowledge on to their students, but teaching practices, approaches, and educational methods are varied. According to many, without a thorough knowledge of grammar, one will have a hard time expressing their thoughts in the classroom, not to mention real-life situations, while others are extremely passionate about encouraging pupils to talk to each other in a foreign language already in the early stages of language acquisition and strongly advocate the importance of communication. In my opinion, the best you can do is always seek to find the balance, whether it is a private lesson or a language class in the school. Motivate the students in every possible way, because at the end of the day, our main goal is to make sure that language becomes a major part of their lives outside of the classroom as well.

For this reason let me guide you through some of the most important applications and features in mozaBook that can help a tutor engage students and simply turn, let’s say an English class, into a lot of fun.

Let us begin with some options in mozaBook purely designed for language teaching. For example, have you checked out the language learning related games, like Lan(g)ame or Word class?

After selecting the language pair I wish to practice, Lan(g)ame works like the penalty shootout in football as two students, or even two groups of them, have their own turns during which they try to score as many points as they can by determining the meanings of words in the selected foreign language. You can also pick the “image - word pairing” or the “gap-filling” exercise available in numerous languages, such as French, English, German, or Arabic.

Another important and useful game, called Word class, also needs to be mentioned here since grammar is usually regarded as one of the most sleep-inducing subjects; however, its importance is truly immense in reading comprehension and forming correct sentences. 

As you do with activities in the classroom, make homework assignments meaningful and manageable in mozaBook. The more you emphasize the need to reinforce what is learned in the classroom through independent practice or group work, the more efficient learning and teaching will be.

Among the mozaBook applications you can find several options to improve and expand the vocabulary of the students. Give your pupils the experience of practicing words with the help of customized Word cards that are designed to provide the language learner with a word, part of speech tags, and even example sentences. Teach the proper spelling of longer expressions, or how to use false friends playfully, with the help of fun games or by competing with fellow students.

No matter what your favourite is, these apps and tools are quick, easy to use, and helpful in memorizing not only the meanings, but also the punctuation and spelling of the words.

Next time, I am going to focus on how the Media library content (3D scenes and videos) in mozaBook Multilang software (language of the interface, the applications, and all the media content can be switched any time during the lesson) can serve as a perfect tool in language teaching, especially in bilingual education institutions all around the world.



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