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Spice up your language class with the Media library

11 Eylül 2017Bálint Mátyás

I’d like to turn your attention towards the Media library and focus on its exceptionally versatile nature which can effectively ease the burden on teachers if they can use its advantages in the classroom. I’m well aware of the fact that our Media library doesn’t need my marketing lines here praising the content since it speaks for itself, but let me recommend you some possible ways to utilize it, first in a simple language class, then in bilingual education. Are you ready?

Imagine this: as an English teacher, you walk into a crowded and noisy classroom noticing some some of the guys have just finished copying the homework, but they already look bored of the upcoming the 45 minutes. No need to worry, today’s topic is tourism, everybody loves travelling, you’re sure it’s going to be all right. Hoping the best, you ask them the first warm up questions regarding the topic, in order to ease the nerves, set on edge by the short, but traumatizing school bell and the mere fact that they have to say something in English. Do you like travelling? Why do people travel abroad?  

Unfortunately, what you can hear, my friend, is the sound of… well, silence (kudos to the great Simon & Garfunkel).

To avoid this situation you can decide to show the students one of the 3-5-minute educational videos about tourism. It’s always easier to make language learners a little more proactive if they have something to grasp, in terms of general ideas or required vocabulary.Most of the videos have English narration, but as you can see, it is also possible to watch them with subtitles, available in various languages. For instance in this short, but quite comprehensive video on tourism, you can hear about the general notion of tourism, popular destinations, and various reasons of people travelling somewhere in their leisure time. This way the passive vocabulary of the students gets activated and the lesson has already kicked into gear.

We also have the option of choosing among the exciting and very detailed 3D scenes and showcasing them in the class. Discover the mysteries of Great Britain’s most well-known symbol, the Stonehenge! It's easy to raise the students’ interest with the help of these 3D scenes, resembling their favourite video games, and make them think about the topic. Then you can simply select some parts of the written text and go for the built-in gap-filling exercise, or create a new customized test with the Test editor tool. The narrated and labelled 3D scenes can play a huge role in bilingual education as well.  In many countries there is more than one official language so the immediate necessity for students to learn more languages simultaneously is a valid concern. In addition, as a result of globalization, more and more parents choose to enroll their children at a dual language institution in order to open up more and better career opportunities at home or even abroad.

In many other countries, such as the USA or Germany, people face different challenges when talking about bilingualism since the number of ‘language learner” students (who need language support services in order to succeed in school) is very high because of the significantly multicultural environment. This issue might be really controversial, as there is no general consensus about which educational system is the most effective, but these students could benefit a lot from mozaBook Multilang for sure. The language of the interface and the content can be switched at any time during the lesson so the students are able to check out the problematic terms in their mother tongue. This way, educators can make sure they won’t be left behind.As you can see, mozaBook can give you all the tools you need in a language class and put them at your fingertips in order to provide the students with a supportive and creative atmosphere where learning becomes fun and teaching becomes more efficient. Combining these possibilities with your own ideas, one thing is for sure: it’s going to be an exciting year at school! 

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