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New Feature in 3Ds - Freehand Drawing

25 Eylül 2017Lidia Vašut

When you use mozaBook on a regular basis, you are bound to encounter tweaks and updates here and there. When we enabled our 3Ds for VR goggles, for instance, everybody noticed immediately, but people are usually unaware of the upgrades as they consider it natural. For us, that is a sure sign that mozaBook becomes more and more handy for everyday use at school.

This time, we will focus on  such an “inconspicuous” feature.


Work hard, preparing screenshots and saving it to your exercise book whenever you want to point out, let’s say, a particular object within a 3D? From now on, you can simply start using a brand new feature that lets you draw on each and every 3D model in real time with no need for time-consuming and unnecessary additional operations.


So, how does it work? Open your favourite 3D or grab the one you want to present to your students in the classroom (History teachers, have you seen one of the latest, Napoleonic Wars?), click on the Local Menu (accessible at the bottom corners of the window), and there you go! The new feature, marked by a pencil icon – the very first up there – awaits you to make the teaching experience as smooth as possible. Click on DRAW to enable the feature, choose the color you find most appropriate (FYI, you can also adjust the line thickness), select the pen on the left of the toolbar, and point at the object you want to direct your students’ attention to by sketching a line, a circle or an arrow.


Try it yourself as I did with my favourite, the Colosseum 3D, for my Art classes. The feature can be used literally everywhere. Below you have a glimpse at the annotated Colosseum cutaway:

And another frame from Animation:

Remember, whenever you are done with drawing, but still want the feature to remain active for other views, just deactivate it by clicking on the pencil icon. This way, all drawings disappear at once. Want the 3D to rotate again? Simply close drawing mode. 

Everything what you have jotted down dissapears. However, should you like to have images taken from a 3D model in your exercise books, don't forget you can always use the Screenshot icon from the Menu bar and the image will be placed into their exercise book. Feel free to work on your pasted image further using numerous built-in mozaBook tools, e.g. with the help of  the one called Edit picture.


If you feel like sharing your ideas on how to further improve mozaBook with us, feel free to get in touch either via the FEEDBACK option within the software, by filling in the website contact form, or jotting down a message to

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