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mozaBook is Back With New Features This Fall

4 Ekim 2017Bálint Mátyás

Summer is officially over (I’d better not kid myself, it’s almost mid-autumn) and this means that the students and teachers around the world are anxious to continue their exciting collaboration in the classroom. The sleepy mornings with yawning faces, fully packed backpacks, and noisy buses are back so I’m more than happy to present you some of the mozaBook developments and features we were working on in the past few months. I know this is a busy period for all of us in the education sector, but please make sure you enjoy the ride in the meantime.

Magic pencils… for real magicians in the classroom

Teachers get a whole set of new and exciting drawing options this semester, but, in my opinion, the three absolute greats from the new pencil collection are the “fade-out”, the “shape-” and the “text recognition” pens.

For instance, in case you’d like to highlight or emphasize some very important detail on the screen, but don’t want to mess up your nicely designed and well-structured presentation, the fade-out pencil is an ideal choice.

My other favourites are totally state-of-the-art features, namely the text- and the shape recognition pens. By selecting these options we can write something, or draw any shape on the screen with our own hand, and it becomes a formatted text or, let’s say, a perfectly shaped circle on the display as the system recognizes our “occasionally-a-bit-messy” handwriting or drawing. Do I have to tell you how neat it looks on the board?

The shape recognition pencil:

Table… for thorough understanding   

Teaching some really complex part of the curriculum can come with serious challenges when our main aim is to make pupils fully understand the logic behind the scenes. For many of us, visual learners, it’s much easier to realize and catch the differences, as well as the similarities via systematized comparison so a table always comes handy for a teacher to summarize the lesson or illustrate their point. With mozaBook, drawing up a perfectly customized table from scratch couldn’t be easier!   

Simplified toolbar and icons.... for those who know exactly what they need on the screen and where

It can be really frustrating when something we really need is nowhere to be seen. Wait, isn’t that tiny hammer icon… no, it must be in the corner somewhere... oh, of course it’s on the tray. One of the main goals of mozaBook is appealing to all learning styles and taking into consideration  the needs of the students. However, at the same time, we focus heavily on the teachers’ requirements as well to ensure their comfortable work in the classroom. Now, they are able to select the tools they use a lot (e.g. Media library, Games, Classwork) and lock these icons on the screen wherever they wish.

The selected icons along with the adjustable simple interface suit the educators’ needs: nothing more, nothing less.     

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