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mozaTravels - Frankfurt Book Fair 2017

31 Ekim 2017Bálint Mátyás

Amazing weather, a huge line for the currywurst stand, four halls, the best authors and publishing houses of every genre, and lots of incredible experiences… if it is October, then it’s time for the Frankfurt Book Fair!

Mozaik Education returns to exhibit at the largest book fair in the world every year, and as expected, this year’s Buchmesse was business as usual: perfectly organized professional trade fair running as smooth as ever and hosting a record number of visitors. 

Traditionally, the first three days of the fair are mainly about business meetings, which comes with introducing, presenting and showcasing our educational software and platform to potential partner publishers while trying to find a common ground and the next steps to build a fruitful collaboration. Just to mention a couple of countries represented themselves at our booth during the five-day span (without aiming to give an exhaustive list): USA, Germany, Italy, Norway, Malaysia, UK, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, etc.

Then the weekend rolled around and a huge crowd of parents, students and teachers gathered around our stand to check out, for instance, some of our best 3D models or the presentation possibilities, and give the exciting tools and games a try.

Of course, some of the biggest mozaBook fans would never let us down so they came back again and again during the show; no wonder, it’s not easy to leave the coolest games behind.

On Saturday, our team was thrilled to host the members of the Lingua Hungarica teacher’s association who all seemed enthusiastic by the wide range of possibilities mozaBook can provide for an educator, and they were already eager to use our software at the classroom.

While no two exhibitions are alike, it’s always worth hitting the road to a trade fair since Mozaik Education stand is usually one of the busiest and most buzzing spots in the entire exhibition. Frankfurt was no different: it served as a perfect opportunity for us not only to promote our educational solutions, mozaBook and mozaWeb, but also to get instant feedback from the end-users and discuss some burning questions with the stakeholders in education. With excitement on their faces, many of the visitors asked our team: Is this what the future of education looks like?  Well, we certainly hope so. But one thing is for sure:  we are proud to say that mozaBook means not only the future, but also the present, as it is used in more than 2,000 schools in Hungary and in 25 countries worldwide thanks to our distributor and publisher partners, as well as  the incredibly active pilot schools.  

Thank you for visiting us, see you next year! Please, find the upcoming exhibitions on our website in the Where can you meet us box, and for more photos, please, visit our Facebook page.


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