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Rising Stars in mozaBook Tools and Games: the 3D puzzle and the Rotating game

30 Kasım 2017Bálint Mátyás

It’s not hard to make a case for the interactive 3D models being the most eye-catching content mozaBook has to offer, so it would be a waste not to take all the additional advantages they can provide for teachers and students. Among the Tools and games, one can find two brand new applications, the 3D puzzle and the Rotating game, with the help of which skill development has never been more fun!  

3D puzzle

Every kid loves puzzles and the benefits of playing with puzzles has been well documented over the years. Puzzles significantly improve not only the cognitive skills of children in the early stages, but also the fine motor skills, and, of course, memory. Focusing on these aspects, at Mozaik we aimed to take this one step further by developing the 3D puzzle in mozaBook. Our 3D puzzle can effectively improve and develop spatial perception and consciousness, which are extremely important in every walk of life (as a basic example, just think of riding a bicycle).

Spatial perception can be defined as being aware of our relationships with the environment around us. Therefore, when our spatial perception functions ideally, it allows us to make sense of our surroundings, as well as situate and orient ourselves in them.     

That being said, your task with the 3D puzzle is to place the colorful objects in the right place with the help of the shadows on the walls and on the floor. The rule is rather simple, however, completing the task is far from easy.

The game helps you interpret the environment more effectively and make the necessary adjustments. Thanks to the interactive interface, the kids are able to zoom in, rotate, and move the screen in order to use the shadows as helping guides.

Rotating game

Rotating game is another skill development tool in mozaBook where the main goal is to assemble fragments of broken 3D models by rotating them.

 At first glance, it might seem almost impossible to rotate the fragment panels (looking nothing like a meaningful object) into the right place to copy the target object, however, as while working on the task, we’re getting closer and closer until we eventually find the right balance and the image starts to come together.

Certain advantages need to be mentioned in the case of both games. First of all, they can provide the children with a specific goal during playtime, and accomplishing this goal brings instant satisfaction and a sense of pride to the little ones (and speaking from personal experience, yes... to the big ones as well). Moreover, both the 3D puzzle and the Rotating game require special skills that are rather important nowadays, namely creative thinking and problem-solving skill.

The children have to make decisions: which object goes where.

Analyze the situation: which way should I continue rotating.

Finally, they have to come up with new strategies to solve the exercise when they feel stuck.


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